Monday, October 10, 2011

1775 sherry from massandra collection

Massandra Sherry de la Frontera 1775, popularly known as the Massandra Sherry 1775 is one of the most expensive wines which was sold for a whopping $43,500 for a single bottle at Sotheby’s London in 2001. It came from the collection of Massandra Winery which is well known for its large collection (over a million) of both Russian and European vintage wines bearing the Imperial seal. Among these, the 1775 Sherry was the oldest European wine. This is what i was looking for a list of new hindi films. Deluxe Cabinet-Style Wine Racks The 1775 Sherry got its name from the Spanish town of Jeres de la Frontera. During that time, the Spanish were the only people producing the Sherry with the local wine makers rigorously guarding the secret of its making. The Sherry is a fortified wine which is proud of its powerful and manly strength. Massandra Winery began producing its own Sherry only in the 20th century with its Sherry being deep golden-amber in color, bright and clear which encompasses a delicate yet complex piquant bouquet and also has distinctive flavors which are full and harmonious. Massandra is also called a treasure trove of ancient wines as its library maintains or retains at least one bottle of every wine it makes. However, only a limited number of these historic wines are released over a period of time for sales where some of the most prestigious auctions list Massandra wines.

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